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Principles of Evaporative Condensers

The vapor to be condensed is circulated through a condensing coil, which is continually wetted on the outside by a recirculating water system. Air is pulled over the coil, causing a small portion of the recirculating water to evaporate. The evaporation removes heat from the vapor in the coil, causing it to condense.

Key benefits of Evaporative Condensers

  • Low system operating costs: lower condensing temperatures for a more compact compressor using less power
  • Low refrigerant charge, costs and environmental impact minimised

  • Space-saving: up to 50% area savings compared to comparable air-cooled installations



The specific application will largely determine which BAC Heat Rejection product is best suited for your project. Contact a BAC sales or service representative to enquire about cooling solutions that are right for your application.

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  • Series 1500 CXV

    Series 1500 CXV

    Reduced energy consumption, Easy Access for Maintenance, Reduced Refrigerant Charge

    Combined flow, Axial Fan, Induced Draft

    Combined Flow Technology, Multiple Fan Construction, Full Internal Access.

  • RC Series  RCC

    RC Series RCC

    Easy Access for Maintenance, Robust Construction, Low Height

    Counter Flow, Axial Fan, Induced Draft

    Pultruded Fiberglass Construction, Full Size Access Panel, Highly Configurable Design.

  • Series V  VXC-S

    Series V VXC-S

    Robust Construction, Compact Footprint, Low Noise Design

    Counter Flow, Centrifugal Fan, Forced Draft

    High Static Fans, Single Side Inlet, External Fan Drive System

  • Series V  VCL

    Series V VCL

    Low Height, Easy Installation, Low Noise Design

    Counter Flow, Centrifugal Fan, Forced Draft

    High Static Fans, Compact Construction, External Fan Drive System


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